Spin and Aerobatics training

FAA Approved Training

We have 4 Upset Prevention/Recovery and Aerobatic Training Packages. Choose what is right for you!
CFI Spin Endorsement


  • Best Flight of YOUR Training
  • 1 hour of Ground Training
  • GoPro Video
  • Open Cockpit Biplane
  • Aerobatic Introduction
  • Tail Wheel Intrduction
  • Flexible Scheduling/Cancellation policy
  • Career Mentorship / Possible Recommendations
  • Hangar Use/ Camaraderie
1 day Upset Intro


  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Multimedia Ground Training
  • 3 1 hour Flights
  • GoPro Video
  • Open Cockpit Biplane experience
  • Includes FAA Spin Endorsement
  • UPRT dynamic recovery training
3 Day Upset Competence


  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Multimedia Ground Training
  • 6 + Flights
  • Go Pro Video Debrief
  • Open Cockpit Biplane for enhanced experience
  • Aerobatic Maneuvers Introduction

Upset / Aerobatic Expert

True Confidence


  • Multiple 3-4 Day Training Visits
  • Multiple Flexible Dates Allowed
  • Multimedia Ground Training
  • 12 Flight Dual Course
  • Solo Confidence Training
  • Aerobatic Intermediate Level Training
  • GoPro Video Debriefs Daily
  • Tail Wheel Endorsement
  • Superior Landings 100% Guaranteed
  • Long Term Mentoring

Sharpen Your Sklls

Do you feel 'Current' with your Piloting Skills?
Our Promise to You

We offer the best in professional, enjoyable and informative Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. Enjoy your time in sunny San Diego while you have the best flying of your life!


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Our Instructor Pilots

The Ready Room
Erich Moulder
Erich Moulder
Instructor, United, Navy
Former Navy Pilot & Air Force Academy Graduate ’95. He has over 1500+ flight instructor hours, 7000 Hrs Total+ with 1000+ in Biplanes. Specializes in Upset Recovery, Biplane Tail Wheel training, Formation and Aerobatics.
Jeff Laird
Jeff Laird
Instructor, Navy Instructor Pilot
Navy Pilot and Naval Academy graduate in 2006. Former Navy Flight instructor with over 1600 instructional hours specializing in Upset Recovery, Formation, and Aerobatics. -Current Navy Helicopter Pilot -Navy Senior Line Check Pilot (Current and former NATOPS Officer / Standardization Check Pilot) -Navy West Coast Helicopter Firefighting Program Manager -MBA -Skydiver, Kitesurfer, Surfer

Our Benefits FOR You

Like YOU, we are passionate about Aviation.
You Can Still Improve 100%

No matter what sector of Aviation you fly, the basics of Recognition, Recovery and Confidence with your pilot skills are the same. These skills are perishable and need to be maintained. Have fun doing training in San Diego!

  • Aerobatic Maneuvers

    You will become proficient in all basic and intermediate Aerobatic Maneuvers.

  • Recognition

    You will intuitively learn how to interpret uncommon warning signs and prevent common pilot errors.

  • Recovery and Repetiton

    You will fly the airplane until you master the recovery. Repetition until you feel confident.

  • Advanced Rudder Skills

    You will learn to fly a 'Tail Wheel' aircraft which guarantees better landings in your future. 100%.

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